Arabic Coloring Page…Tha is for Thu’ban {Printable}

Arabic Alphabet Letter Coloring Page Tha is for Thu'ban Animal

I’m continuing to take the animals from my Arabic Alphabet Animal Poster and turning them into coloring sheets for a coloring book.

Here is the forth letter of the alphabet: Tha (thā’), represented by Thameen the Thu’ban, which is how you say snake in Arabic.

Thameen spends most of his time dreaming about being able to fly. Other words that use Tha are thawr (bull), thalatha (three), and thalj (snow).

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You can also find Thameen the Thu’ban in Arabic alphabet game cards as well as an Arabic alphabet Android app.

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Alif Baa Ta Arabic Alphabet Letters with Animals

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Update: You can buy the Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book here.

Arabic Alphabet Letter Coloring Page Tha is for Thu'ban Animal


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