Decorated Zakāt Glass Jar {Tutorial}

The Zakāt is one of the pillars of Islam, and is the responsibility of every single Muslim to give based on accumulated wealth. It is very important to teach our children that it is their personal responsibility to help ease economic hardship for others and eliminate inequality.

We must help those around us to better help ourselves be better Muslims.

Make it fun by having them create their own Zakāt box so they take pride in what they are putting in it.  We make a new Zakat box for our Ramadan every year, and you can visit our previous wood Zakāt box and paper Recycled Zakāt box. This year we thought it might be fun to make it out of glass so the girls can see how much is being accumulated!


Glass Jar
Glass marker
White card stock
Letter stickers

First you’ll need to figure out what size paper you’ll need for the inside of the jar by wrapping your white cardstock around the outside of the jar.  Cut off any excess paper and try your paper inside to see if it would fit.

Place your ZAKAT letter stickers in the middle of your white cardstock.  Place your flower templates to cover the rest of your paper.  To make it easier for my little daughter to trace these templates, I put a tiny dab of glue on them.  We did want to reuse them for other projects, so we took them off after they were traced them, but the letters we left on since we have a whole box of letter stickers.

Hold your white cardstock inside your glass jar and trace out the design on the outside of your jar.  If your child might need a little practice on the flow of the ink from the glass pen, have them practice on the bottom of the jar with their name first. (Very Important—Please use a glass pen only for this project!)

For the flowers, I traced out the first one, just so she can see what they will look like.  After that, she went to town and made all the rest.  We flipped the paper inside out to show you what they looked like when done.

When finished, take out your paper and your jar is done. Don’t forget your daily chores so you can put more money in it!

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.