Eid Star Table Toppers {Tutorial}

I have *lovingly* volunteered to be in charge of decorating for our upcoming community Eid party.

When I was playing around with ways to decorate the dessert table, I came up with this design to make a 3D star out of the three colors we are using at the party.

These stars were so easy to make, after I tried out the design below, I realized that I’m going to have each child make one when they arrive.  And when they leave, they can take their star home.  I hope when they top their own dining table with it, it will remind them of the party.


Sturdy cardstock
Star template

Lay out your star template and trace out the design with a pencil.  To make it easy for the 6 year old to trace, I put on a tiny piece of tape for her.  Trace out the star design on the other colors of cardstock.

Cut out the stars you’ve traced.

Fold your top star in half so you can see where the middle line is for the next step.

Place all three stars on top of each other and place one staple in the middle of the top star.

Fold the back star in a different direction then the top star.  Your star should not be able to stand on the table.

If you enjoyed making this star, please stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterest for more craft DIY tutorials.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.