My Ramadan Moon Flip Book {Tutorial}

Today for our Ramadan Craft Challenge, we created a flip book of all the moon phases to help us appreciate this heavenly creation.  We rely on it for our Islamic lunar calendar, the tides, and werewolves (just kidding mom).

During the afternoon creation of our flip book, we talked about the different phases of the moon and how those phases are related to certain days in Ramadan.

Of course once the girls saw how easy it was to make these books, they ran off with the supplies to make funny ones…while I plan on taking a nap.

I really hope these crafts are also giving some of you a little relief on these endless Ramadan summer days. 🙂


Dark blue card stock (2)
White crayon
Large coin
Paper slicer
Binder clip

First you’ll need to cut down your paper to 2 1/2 inches by 3 inches. We ended up with 14 pieces of paper, but cut a few more, just in case.

Place your coin on the edge of your paper and trace around the coin.  Make sure you pick a spot you like, as you’ll need to draw everything in that exact same location.

Once you have your full moon in the middle, grab another piece of paper to work your way to either side of the moon, only tracing parts of the coin as you go.  When you finish, you should have your full moon in the center, then three cards on either side.

Once you have your initial six waxing and waning moons on either side of your full moon, grab more pieces of paper and fill in the other moon phases.  Here is a close up of a few more moons of various sizes next to the full moon.

After you are satisfied with your moons, place them all in order in the binder clip and flip them to make sure it works.

Make any adjustments you need and add another piece of paper for the title page of your book.
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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.