Ramadan Sun Visor Moon & Star {Tutorial}

I was in a craft store the other day and saw these summer glitter visors on the sale shelf.  It struck me that they really look like crescent moons.  They were originally $1, but since apparently summer is over in July, all the items were 70% off.  Crazy.

Since this Ramadan Moon & Star is one of my most repined Ramadan craft item on the A Crafty Arab Pinterest, today’s Ramadan Craft Challenge was to make a second one.  (In Arabic, ithnan is two).


Glitter Visor
Pink foam
Sticker foam letters

Cut off the bottom knot of the visor and pull the plastic curled cord through only that end.

Draw out a star design on your pink foam and cut it out.  Use your scissors to poke a hole in one of the points of the star.  Don’t make it too close to the tip or it might break off. Place the cord in the hole so that your star hangs from the top of the crescent moon.

Lay out your RAMADAN letters to you know how much space you’ll need on your moon.  Take off the sticker backs and place them down.

Your Ramadan Crescent Moon & Start Ithnain is done and now can decorate your bedroom wall!

This craft only took a few minutes to make and would be an easy group activity.  In fact, you might even be able to buy the stars already cut and then it’s hardly any work at all!
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