Somalia Pennant Flag {Tutorial}

Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa and was added to the Arab League in 1974.  The flag itself was adopted in 1954.

The five-pointed white Star of Unity in its center represents the five Somali ethnic groups.

The blue is said to have been influenced by the United Nations, or that it represents the Indian Ocean or the wide open skies.

We learned about Somalia today as we made it’s flag.  Now when we walk down our hallway, we’ll be thinking of our Somalian brothers and sisters during this Ramadan.


White felt
Blue felt
Star template
NeedleACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant1

Measure out your pennant to 12 inches tall with 30 inch x 30 inch with the Sharpie. Cut out the blue felt.ACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant2Draw out the star template on the white felt with the Sharpie.  Cut out the star shape.ACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant3Take the dowel and place it about two inches from the end of the blue felt.  Fold the felt over the dowel and straight stitch from one end to the next.  You’ll need to cut off the tiny triangles on either end of the felt.ACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant4Blanket stitch the star on the other side of the blue felt.ACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant5We just hung up our star with pins.  However, you can also use wire or embroidery thread and attach it to the end of the pennant.ACraftyArab Somali Flag Pennant9

We hope you learned a little about Somalia and enjoyed making it’s flag. To create more Arab League crafts, visit Crafty Arab League board on Pinterest.

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