Eid Rattle Drum {Tutorial}

Eid is just coming up so we made this rattle drum to remember past holidays. I love to reminisce of being in an Arab country during this magical time.

The fondest memory that always comes up is the amount of noise there is around Eid.  For three days there is singing, dancing, fireworks, cannons, guns, ululating, and of course drums.

It’s as if the world has woken up from a month long nap and is bursting with gratitude.

Muslim children were always trying to get in on the noise action with miniature rattle drums. I told the story of these drums to my kids and they immediately wanted to make their own.

This is what we came up with today.

I had to take it away after a few trial rattles, but I promised I would return it on Eid.

Just in time to get some earplugs. I guess I forgot about the amount of noise there is around Eid because I was the child making the noise!


Bamboo skewer
Decoupage oval box
Yellow paint
White paint
Pink Sharpie
Hole punch
Khatim Template
Glue (not pictured)
Place your khatim template on the lip of your decoupage box and trace out the design.

Paint the inside of it white.  You might need two layers to really make it bright.  Let it dry.  Lay out the newspaper and paint the rest of the lid, and box, yellow.

Punch a hole on one end of the box.  Make sure to not put it towards where the lid will be covering the hole.

Punch your bamboo skewer in and add a touch of glue to the end.  Attach it to the other end of the box.

Punch two more holes on the sides of the box, trying to follow the rule above (not covering the lid) and also trying to make them a little even.

Add your ribbon and tie a knot on the inside.

Here is a fun part we didn’t anticipate.  The beads that my daughter picked out had too small of an opening for the white ribbon.  So we picked different beads, with much bigger openings, plus we picked much thinner ribbon. You can see the difference below.

String your ribbon through the side hole and tight a knot on the inside.  Our ribbon was 5 inches long, but I’d suggest you go up to 7 inches to make tying the not easier.

Add the beads to the other end and tie two knots on top of each other.
Write out the word E I D on your lid with the pink Sharpie.

Outline your pink letters in black to really make them pop out.

Add glue along the edge of the box and attach the lid.
Let it dry. Then make some noise by twirling it between your hands.  The beads will swing and hit the front and back.
 If you would like to make more Eid tutorials, please visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest.




I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.