Islamic Prayer Mat {Tutorial} Guest Post

I am so excited because today’s Islamic prayer mat craft, made with recycled fabric scrapes, is being done by a guest blogger.  My first one!

Weronika Ozpolat from Multicultural Motherhood contacted me via a Facebook group and said she would be happy to share a craft with my readers. She is new to the blogger world and can really use some love, so be sure to check her out.

Her children made prayer mats out of scrap pieces of fabric and can I just say they are fantastic.


Thick card stock

Lay down a protective plastic cover on your table.  Place down your thick card stock and brush on glue in the central area.  You can always add more glue to the corners under the fabric later.
Cut out a piece of fabric that is smaller then your card stock for the base of your prayer mat.  Press down so the fabric soaks in the glue.  But don’t make it too sticky or it will take longer to dry. Cut out other fabric straps in lines or geometric shapes and create your design, adding more glue as you go. If you are in need of ideas, visit the tile designs of Mosques around the World for inspirations.
Weronika’s daughter made the prayer rug in the cover photo and her son made this one below.  Masha’Allah, I think I see two future architects in our midst!
A little about Weronika

Hello! My name is Weronika and I am a mother of two young children from the south west of England. I am a Speech and Language Therapist and have recently started a PhD in bilingualism and autism. My husband is a Turkish Kurd and we are hoping to raise our children to be multilingual. We are a Muslim family and are planning to home educate our children. I blog about our multilingual, multicultural journey as well as home educating. I also write about my interests; crafting, cooking and all the wonderfully fun activities I do with my children.

If you enjoyed creating these prayer mats, please stop by A Crafty Arab to visit other tutorials.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.