Ramadan Kareem Wallies {Tutorial}

While we were at the consignment shop looking for a picture frame for yesterday’s craft, I came across these Wallies.  The price was too good to pass up (2.99 for two boxes) and I knew I could make something out of them.

Here is what my youngest and I created this afternoon.


Letter stickers
2 1/2 inch circle template
Hot Dots Wallies

The Wallies box came with 25 Hot Dots in these three sizes

Start by placing your letter stickers to spell out R A M A D A N  K A R E E M in the smallest Wallies Hot Dots.

Use your Sharpie to outline the letters.
Place your circle template over the largest of the Wallie Hot Dots to make the inside of a circular moon design.


Use your scissors to cut out the entire inside of the large Wallie, plus the area you drew out in pencil.  Go ahead and snipe off a little from the top to make your crescent moon have points on the end.

Take the middle size Wallie Hot Dots and flip it over.  Use your pencil to draw a star in the middle of the circle.  Cut out the star.

Your moon and star should now look like this.  Your final step is to use the little stickers that are provided in the pack to put everything on your wall.

Now we just need to find something to do with the other 35 circles.
If you enjoyed creating this wall banner, please stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterest for more tutorials.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.