Ramadan Lantern Card {Tutorial}

Not too long ago, I found these beautiful Arabesque lantern stickers from Jolee’s Boutique.  I used a couple on some cards I’ve sold but I’ve kept a few around the studio because I can’t stand to part with them.

We used one of the stickers as inspiration to make our own strung up lanterns in this Ramadan Kareem card.

Today my helper was my 7 year old, who designed the middle of the lanterns herself when she decided my plain interpretation was too boring. I hope you agree that her adjustments are what really make the card.

Various punches – 7/8 square, 1/2 circle, and flower designs
Corner punch (optional)
Blank card
Oval metal rings
Small letter stamps
Green ink
Five pieces of cardstock in bright colors

ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card4
Punch out a circle, square and two flowers from each piece of cardstock.
ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card5
Glue a circle punch out so that it is sticking out halfway on one of the sides of the square punch outs.  Glue a large flower in the center of the square with a smaller flower in the middle of it.
ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card6

Once the lantern dries (this should only take a few moments if you are using Elmers like we are), flip it over and add an Oval ring to the top of the circle punch.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card7
Your completed lantern will should now look like this.  Here is ours next to our original inspiration sticker.
ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card8

While the back of our lantern was drying, we used the corner punch to cut out the edges of the card. This step is optional.  However, as someone who has corner punched cards for a bit now, it does make them look more elegant.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card9

Our card will be going to an Arabic friend, so it needs to open left to right. So we’ll be stamping our RAMADAN KAREEM on the bottom left of our card.  My child asked for a ruler so she can get the letters on there a bit straighter. If you don’t have a clear ruler like ours, you can also use a regular one, just put it on the bottom of your card instead.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card10

Put a dap of glue on the upper right corner of the card (where the fold is) and add the colorful twine. Wait for it to dry.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card11

Carefully and gently lift the lanterns and add them one by one to the twine. Figure out the overall design and glue the lanterns down to the cardstock. Cut off the twine at the end and sign the back of your card with the date and your name.

ACraftyArab Ramadan Lantern Card12

This is a close up of the sentiment just to remind parents that children are the ones making this card.  If they mess up, keep encouraging them to move on because the stamping will not be perfect. Just enjoy the overall artwork.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.