Sheep Duct Tape Earrings {Tutorial}

Today’s duct tape sheep earrings were made with left over shipping materials.

If you are a client of mine over at Zibbet, you would know that I enjoy mailing my packages out with colorful duct tape.  My favorite as of late has been this particular black and white sheep design.

Today my middle daughter and I turned the last strip I have into earrings so she can still enjoy their humor.


Heart shape metal embellishments in two sizes
Earring posts
Oval rings
Silver duct tape
Colorful sheep duct tape
Hole punch
Embellish tool

Lay down a strip of silver duct tape, sticky side up, and fold over about a quarter inch from one of the edges.

Lay down a strip of your colorful duct tape over the silver duct tape, like the photo below.

Flip your duct tape over and add another strip of silver duct tape and flip it over one more time.  Add another strip of  colorful duct tape so that your piece of duct tape “fabric” looks like this:

Lay your heart shape metal embellishment anywhere on your design and use your tool to outline the shape.  Do the same with the second smaller heart shape metal embellishment.

Use your Xacto to cut out your sheep designs.

Use your hole punch to make two holes, one at the top and one at the bottom, of the smaller heart cut out.  Punch one hole out of the top of the larger heart punch out.

Add three oval rings to the bottom of the small heart cut out. Attach the large heart cut out to the last ring you just added.  You should now have your two hearts attached to each other.

Add two oval rings to the top of the small heart cut out.  Attach your earring post to the second oval ring.

Your completed earrings should look like this.

Insha’Allah everyone that sees them will want you to make them a pair!

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