Arabic Ramadan Countdown {Tutorial}

We have never made a Ramadan countdown calendar before, but after I saw the 30 Activities for a Ramadan Advent Calendar over at Modest Munchies, I knew our time had come.


Today my oldest daughter and I looked around the house and came up with this DIY craft tutorial to share with you.

We had the lattice wood pieces left over from our new fence we put in last year and the two side bars were from our kitchen remodel five years ago. Here is the rest of our list.

Ramadan Countdown Calendar Supplies

Wood lattice boards
Spray paint
Mini clothespins
Glue Dots
Heavy duty stapler
Oval punch

We started by taking our newspaper and going outside to spray paint our wood pieces.

While we waited for them to dry, we headed back inside and cut washi tape to cover our clothespins.


We then punched out our shapes from the activities and numbers pages we printed at the library.
Since the print outs are free at our local library, we went ahead and made two copies of our numbers to help us keep everything in order.
Opps, I forgot to add the double sided tape to the supplies photos above!  Sorry.
Tape your number punch outs and your activity punch outs to each other, back to back.
Now that your wood pieces are dry, staple the long pieces to the lattice pieces on the side.
Place one glue dot on the back of each clothespin and add it to the lattice board.
Add your numbers to the board.
For now, we used the Ramadan Kareem Wallies Tutorial, but we made the side wood pieces taller on the end so that we can add a new Ramadan banner later.
Now our countdown is ready, and we have already done two activities!
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