Ramadan Moon and Star Podgeable {Tutorial}

In our house, we are in love Mod Podge and have had to resort to buying the larger sized bottles due to our excess usage.

It is an amazing glue and finish together. You only need a thin layer to work but the most important element of it’s design is that it is non-toxic for children.

It comes in a variety of formulas, including gloss, which is what we are using today. Don’t mind that the bottle says matte, we just refill our small bottle. After trying both, I have found that the kids like the shininess of the gloss much more, while I like the matte for my own products.

Right before the month of Ramadan, I headed to our local craft store to stock up and I found these podgeable metal blanks in the same aisle.

We pulled them out today to make these adorable Ramadan crescent moon and star necklace and earring jewelry set.


White and blue glitter
Mod Podge
White and blue card stock
Paint brush
Oval rings
Earring clasps
2 Sets of pliers
Round punch
Moon and star punch
Podgeable metal blanks

Start by punching out one blue circle with the large punch and two white circles with the smaller punch from your cardstock. Don’t throw away your leftovers, you’ll need them again later!

Use brush to place a thin layer of Mod Podge on your metal blanks and add your circle punches.

Pour blue glitter over the large circle and white glitter over the two smaller circles.

Punch out two moon and star cut outs from the blue and one set from the white cardstock you had set aside.

Place your cut outs in your metal blanks over their contrasting color.  Pour a thick layer of Mod Podge over the whole thing and let dry for a few hours.  We put ours in the window sill. If you do leave yours out overnight, put a plate over them to keep pets and dust away.

Use your two jewelry pliers to open an oval ring and add one small circle and an earring clasp. Close the oval ring with your pliers.  Also add an oval ring to your larger circle and attach a ribbon, silver, cord, or any type of chain you would like to your necklace.

Enjoy your jewelry or save the set to give away as an Eid gift. Stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to enjoy more tutorials that teach about the Arab world.





I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.