Recycled Woolly Sheep Paper Roll {Tutorial}

This cute Ramadan craft uses cotton balls and recycled paper rolls to create adorable woolly sheep.

We have made plenty of sheep projects over the years on A Crafty Arab blog.  I even compiled them in a list last April so they would be easy to find on this post called 99 Sheep Creative Projects.

Sheep play an important role in Islam. They are eaten because of their significance in the religious story of Abraham scarifying his son to God. Instead at the last moment, Allah (Arabic for God) provided a ram so that Isaac may live. Now, a goat, sheep, camel, or cattle is sacrificed on religious holidays and 3/4 of the meat is donated to the poor.

Inspired by some of the sheep in the list, my youngest daughter and I made this sheep trio.

Her older sister made her the backdrop out of a cereal box and some paint.  She simply opened up an empty box, painted the curtains and stars, then taped the bottom to make it stand.

Black straws
Black and white sticky back foam
3 card board rolls
Googly eyes
Card stock
Cotton balls

Start by cutting your black straw in half and then in half again for four equal pieces.

Take your pencil and poke four holes into your toilet paper roll. Place glue on the ends of your straws and insert them into the holes

Quickly insert a few cotton balls into the toilet paper rolls to stick to the straws inside. add glue to the bottom of your sheep, between the legs and start adding cotton balls to the toilet paper roll. Keep going until you cover your whole sheep.

On your cardstock, draw out a sheep face template and a small cloud. Cut out the outline.

Place the templates on the back of the sticky back foam and trace out the outlines. Cut out the head from black foam and the cloud from the white foam.

Take the back off the white cloud shape and place it on the forehead of the sheep face.  Glue on two dots and put on googly eyes.

Take off the back of the black foam and place it over either end of the sheep.  Glue on a few more cotton balls to the other end and your sheep are ready for opening night!

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.