Islamic Calendar 2016/1437-1438 {Free Printable}

In just a few more days it will be 2016, a New Year.

However, for many Muslims around the world, we are still in 1437 AH and the Islamic New Year doesn’t start until October 2016.

Trying to explain this to children can be challenging, so I’m always looking for fun, educational ways to teach my daughters how the Islamic calendar correspondences to the Georgian calendar.

Recently I came across al-maurid, a website that sells personalized Islamic ebooks. (Update Nov 2016 – it appears the website is down, unfortunately)

They are offering a FREE printable Islamic calendar for download.

Islamic Calendar 2016/1437-1438 {Free Printable}

Each month has it’s own page, so you can print it all at once, or as you go. The designer mom, Latifah Ibrahim, who created it shared –

Important dates are included, for example: Ramadan and Eid. It is a fun way to teach
children about The Islamic Calendar all year round. It has quotes about
Allah, Islam and using Islamic teachings to help with character
building. The calendar is not only for children. I intend to use it
myself, InshaAllah.

Email to learn more about the ebooks.

I’m heading to the library to print it out today! I think I’ll get three copies, one for each girl. Don’t forget to support this wonderful business who is offering this service.




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