Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper {Tutorial}

I have a birthday party tomorrow for a very special friend.

I’ve bought her a book and wanted to make my present stand out from the others on the gift table.

I decided to use the technique I used last July on this Arabic Initial Tote Bag and decorate her wrapping paper. I’ve personalized it with the initial, Kha, the seventh letter of the Arabic alphabet and the first letter of her name.

I hope this tutorial shows you how easy it is to do so you can try it!


Pencil with new eraser
Double sided tape
Kraft wrapping paper
Ink stamp

Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper by A Crafty Arab

Wrap your gift and set it aside. Mark you pencil eraser with the Sharpie so it’s easy to see the cut you’ll need to make with the Xacto. Cut the sides so your eraser shape is now a square.

Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper by A Crafty Arab

Print out and then cut a large Arabic letter out of paper. You can used regular paper, but I made my letter out of yellow cardstock so it’s easier for you to see in the photos. Use the double sided tape to add it to the front of your present. Use only a tiny bit of tape as you’ll need to take the letter off. Start stamping!

Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper by A Crafty Arab

Stamp all around your letter. Stamp your shapes closer together the closer you are to the letter and fade out the design as you move towards the edges of the present.

Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper by A Crafty Arab

When you are happy with your stamping, remove your paper letter and present your gift!

Arabic Initial Wrapping Paper by A Crafty Arab

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with gold or silver ink so included both in the supplies photo. When I was playing around on scrap paper, I realized I liked the gold by itself. But please feel free to combine colors, just wash your eraser between colors.

If you enjoyed this craft, be sure to check out A Crafty Arab on Pinterest board for more Arab and Islamic DIY tutorials.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.