Khatam Paper Garland {Tutorial}

With Ramadan just a few weeks away, I thought it might be fun to get the girls’ help in decorating the house with khatam paper garlands.

Khatam is the Arabic word for eight point star.  It is common in Islamic designs and is easy to create with children.*

This paper garland was so easy to make and will really brighten up our kitchen in the early morning hours of suhoor.  My youngest picked out the glitter paper to add a bit of sparkle. This post contains affiliate links to help you find the supply items easier.

Solid pink color cardstock
Solid yellow color cardstock
2 Sheets decorative glitter cardstock
Sealed with a Star Fiskars punch*
Multicolored sewing thread
Sewing machine*


Start by using the Fiskars hole punch to create khatam stars out of the four types of cardstock you chose.  Place them in rows of how you’d like them to look once they are sewn together.  (I love the pattern that was created out of the white space of this picture!) After you are happy with your placement, pick up the pieces in the order you want them sewn.


Place the first khatams in the sewing machine and sew up the middle.  Once you finish, gently pull out the thread 4 inches to get ready to sew the next khatam. This give you space between the khatams.


Keep adding khatams and putting 4 inches between them until you have one garland.  I tied mine to a nice, straight stick from my pear tree that I had found earlier in the day.  You can also use a dowel or anything else you find.  Start working on your next garland.  Once they are all tied, your garland is done.


*This craft is great for kids.  It is also doable if you do not have access to a Friskars Sealed with a Kiss or a sewing machine.

  1. Simple cut out equal sized squares from your paper.
  2. Place one square down, lay the thread on it, add glue and your second square.  Make sure to place your second square off center to create your eight points.
  3. Go down 4 inches on your thread and glue on another khatam.

If you are using this method, I would recommend that the squares stay flat for at least a few hours for the glue to set.

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