3D Paper Eid Banner {Tutorial}

Our home needed an Eid banner to go with our hanging khatam decor we made last week, so we made one out of paper to look 3D.

Using inspiration from our quilled Eid Mubarak card, we decided to make letters that were 3D to hang on our wall.

Originally I thought it might be nice to have a sign that said Ramadan Kareem, as our month just started. But since my middle daughter was doing all the cutting and gluing, she wanted to create simpler letters. In the end, she was right, the less letters looked better and we decided on Happy Eid.

Eid is the Arabic word for festive or happy occasion and usually refers to one of two major festivals in the Islamic calendar, Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr. But the word itself is also used in Eid Milad, which is Arabic for birthday and Eid Al Umm, which is Mother’s Day, along with other important festival occasions.

I might still try to request a new Ramadan banner sometime this month, but for now I am going to surprise my husband with this 3D banner for Eid Al Abb, Arabic for Father’s Day.  Then we can reuse it for Eid Al Fitr to celebrate the end of Ramadan.


Orange card stock
Bone folder
A Crafty Arab Happy Eid 3D Banner1

The depth of our hanging khatam was 3 inches, so we decided to make our letters that deep.  We didn’t want or letters big, so we measured our khatam and decided to make them 2/3 as big and choose 8 inches for the length of the letters.  We cut our 12 x 12 paper into 3 inch x 8 inch stripes and started to play around with size and placement.

A Crafty Arab Happy Eid 3D Banner2

To attach parts of a letter to another, first a 1/2 fold was made and glue was added to it. We held that down until it dried and then figured out where it needed to be attached and cut it down (don’t forget to add another 1/2 for the glue tab).

A Crafty Arab Happy Eid 3D Banner3

Once the glue had dried, we punched two holes, a half inch from the side and half inch from the top, of each letter.

A Crafty Arab Happy Eid 3D Banner4

We then strung our twine through the two holes to attach them to each other.

A Crafty Arab Happy Eid 3D Banner5

That was it! My daughter rated this as medium since she had to use math to figure out where to attach the different parts of the letters to each other.

Once we have our banner up for display, I might tie a few knots into the a few of the letters so gravity won’t bunch it up, but for now, it looks really nice as is.

A Crafty Arab Happy Eid 3D Banner6

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