Accordion Ramadan Decor {Tutorial}

We have a buffet in our living that we like to decorate for different occasions. Now that Ramadan has started, we decided to create new watercolor artwork to celebrate.

This tutorial combines two other posts from past projects.  We used the accordion inspiration from I Love Allah This Much Eid Card and color inspiration from this canvas.

I made this with my middle child the tween, and she said she would rate it as hard because of all the xacto cutting around the letters.

Doublesided tape
Regular tape
Watercolor cards

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan ArtSupplies

I had gone to the library and printed out two sizes of the word Ramadan in 450 font and 500 font.  My daughter used the xacto to cut out all 14 letters.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art1

She then opened up the watercolor cards and painted the same pattern on four of the cards.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art2

I gave her no guidelines or rules, simply set down the paints, water, brush and walked away. I love the way she combined the colors.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art8

She let her watercolors dry and outlined her smaller font letters backwards on the cards. This way, when she cut out the letters, they will be in the correct order.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art3

At first she had cut out the larger font letters backwards from the cardstock, but the letters didn’t line up exactly.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art4

So we tried again, this time only cutting the outlines.  She then flipped the watercolor paper over and added double sided tape.  Next she added the larger font cardstock cutouts to the watercolor letters.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art5

She flipped everything over and cut out the outlines and inside of the letters.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art6

For the last step, she added a strip of regular tape to connect the four card cutouts to each other.

ACraftyArab Accordian Ramadan Art7

Here is what our final piece looked like

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