Happy Eid Teal Decor {Printable}

A few days ago, I ask people to vote on the color of their Happy Eid. I had previously made a free eid green party decoration package and wanted to update with a new color.

Eid is the Arabic word عيد, for “holiday or festive occasion” and we like to use these sheep circle design, cupcake holders and other printables to help decorate our home.

What a fun campaign that was! I asked in two of my private Facebook groups and on my A Crafty Arab business page.

There were 97 votes cast and 50 of them were for teal. Teal and salmon came in a close second with 38 votes.

So without much further ado, I give you free Eid printables for your upcoming holiday party…in teal!

Teal - blank labels

Happy Eid – Teal – blank labels

Teal - circles

Happy Eid Teal – circles

Teal - cupcakes
Happy Eid – Teal – cupcakes
Teal - drinks
Happy Eid – Teal – drinks

Teal - Flags signs

Happy Eid Teal – Flags signs

Teal - gift tags

Happy Eid Teal – gift tags

Teal - paper1

Happy Eid Teal – paper1

Teal - paper2

Happy Eid Teal – paper2

Teal - paper3
Happy Eid Teal – paper3

Stop by A Crafty Arab Pinterest to see more Eid decor.

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