Iqra Yarn Art {Tutorial}

Iqra is the Arabic word for read.


Muslims believe it’s also the very first word in the first verses of the Qur’an to be related by Muhammad (pbuh).


We have made a bookmark in the past with the word Iqra on it and today we made some yarn art with wood letters.


My tween made this craft with me today and she would rate it as hard. She had difficulties with a few of the curves, so I had to help.  But it was still fun and next time maybe we’ll try less curvy letters.



Wooden letters
Hot glue
ACraftyArab Iqra Yarn Art1

I found these letters on sale at my local craft store.  I ended up with one wood I, a white R, a black Q, and a white A.  They were on sale because most of them were beat up and mismatched.

ACraftyArab Iqra Yarn Art2

My daughter picked this redish orange color yarn to match the hanging khatam and banner colors we have going this year. She cut off a bit of the yarn so it’s easier to go in and out of some letters. She added a dap of hot glue, then started wrapping the yarn. For small children, give them a wood chopstick to press down on the hot glue to avoid burnt fingers.

ACraftyArab Iqra Yarn Art3

She continued to wrap each letter, adding more glue where needed. We picked a back side and placed all our glue dots here to keep all those pesky glue leftovers in one area.

ACraftyArab Iqra Yarn Art4

That’s it, the whole tutorial!


We haven’t fully decided if we were going to glue our letters together to form a book end……

ACraftyArab Iqra Yarn Art5

…..or maybe we’ll just add them to a picture frame and put them on the wall.


An idea might come later.


Last year, we made Eid letters out of eggshells and it wasn’t till later we used the letters on a gift bag.  Stay tuned to see what happens to these. Let’s just keep it our little secret that none of the letters started out the same.

ACraftyArab Iqra Yarn Art6


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