Mini Eid Book {Tutorial} Plus {Review}

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book

We made this mini Eid book after Bharat Babies sent me two books, Amal’s Ramadan and Amal’s Eid by Amy Maranville. I read them with my youngest and she loved them.

We read Amal’s Eid first and enjoyed the story of Amal celebrating Eid al-Fitr with his family. The story is based on an Indian Muslim family, so my daughter really had a lot of great questions on how other Muslims celebrate the same as us, but with a few slight changes. We talked about how Islam is in different countries and only 20% of Muslims live in the Middle East.

Then we read Amal’s Ramadan together. This one really hit home for her. In this story, Amal is old enough to try fasting his whole first day but struggles at school. He very much wanted to be like the older people in his family.  It was so refreshing to read a story with my daughter that has a protagonist going through the same struggles she is encountering this Ramadan.

As with the first story, Amal is again eating very different food that we are not used to in our home.  A brilliant adjust in this book is a pronunciation guide that is kid friendly.  We loved practicing to say all the different Indian foods that Amal eats and look forward to ordering them next time we go out, after Eid.

Inspired by Amal, we made a mini book to keep track of our Eid good deeds and wishes. We hope you can follow along and make your own.

Decorative paper
White cardstock
Paperclips (optional)

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book1

Start by cutting your white cardstock into 3 x 5 paper.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book2

Fold each in half separately. If you fold them together, the fold is not as crisp.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book3

Stack the paper together and punch two holes with the awl in the middle.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book4

Insert the twine and double tie it. Cut off excess.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book5

Lay your tied paper over the cardstock and cut out a piece the same size.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book6

Cut the cardstock in half.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book7

Add each half to one side of the white cardstock.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book8

Add glue to the back of the cardboard.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book9

Lay it on the back of the decorative paper.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book10

Cut out the decorative paper in the same size as the book, but add an extra quarter inch on each side. Cut off the corners.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book11

Fold the decorative paper over, add glue and place paperclips on the folds to help hold it. If you don’t have paperclips handy, put your book between two pieces of wax paper and put it between heavy books.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book12

That’s it, your book is done and ready.

ACraftyArab Mini Eid Book14

The folks over at Bharat Babies really wanted to take part in our 30 day #CraftyRamamdan and sent me this beautiful Printable Ramadan Bookmarks set to share with my lucky readers. Please print it our for your little ones and enjoy!

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