Quad Fold Eid Card {Tutorial}

Today’s tutorial is for a quad-fold card that says Eid Mubarak, which means Blessed Eid in Arabic.  This greeting is said to Muslims at the of Ramadan when they are celebrating Eid Al Fitr.


I love paper cutting and want to make sure my daughters are also comfortable using an xacto knife.  If your child is supervised and taught to respect a knife, they can be taught at an early age to be careful with creating cutting crafts.


I have to admit I helped with the windows of the mosque, but everything else my teenager did on her own. She rated it as medium since it took longer then our usual Eid cards because she had to be so careful.



12×12 card stock
Letter stamps and ink
ACraftyArab Quad Eid Mubarak Card3

My daughter drew a slanted line across her paper lightly with a pencil.

ACraftyArab Quad Eid Mubarak Card4

She then folded the paper into four accordion folds, 3 inches wide.

ACraftyArab Quad Eid Mubarak Card5

She drew out a design with a mosque in the top space, a palm tree in the second space, a sand dune in the three space and a camel in the fourth space.

ACraftyArab Quad Eid Mubarak Card6

She then carefully took the xacto and cut out her drawing to create negative space.

ACraftyArab Quad Eid Mubarak Card7

She then cut off a little from the bottom of the card and stamped Eid Mubarak with letter stamps on the first fold.

ACraftyArab Quad Eid Mubarak Card8

That’s it, her card is done. She’ll write a personal greeting inside the other folds.

ACraftyArab Quad Eid Mubarak Card9

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.