Ramadan Themed Star Shirt {Tutorial} Guest Post

Aysh Siddiqua is guest blogging today for our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge and made us designer t-shirts with a Ramadan star theme.

She is here from her own blog, Words N Needles. Please stop by and say hi.  We are very excited she is sharing her Ramadan craft DIY tutorial.

We are taking the day off from crafting to clean in preparation for Eid Al Fitr, the holiday to end Ramadan, next week.  We are grateful for Ayesha for stopping by and taking part of our 30 days of Ramadan Crafts challenge.


There is something so cool about wearing your own painting. This Ramadan, one of our art activities was to make our own designer shirts.

I let my children choose their own shirts to paint. They were asked to fetch one plain shirt that they would like to paint on. We were going to create art and wear it!

Next, we drew and cut out star shapes on a piece of paper. These paper cut outs were then taped on to the shirt. To protect the other side from accidentally absorbing the color, we slipped a cardboard inside the shirt. Next came the fun part: painting!

I let them choose a color that would pop out and contrast their garment. It was fun deciding what to use. One of them wanted to use a lot of color, the other wanted just one. The youngest (aged 2.5 years) only wanted to paint; it didn’t matter to her what she painted.

I had to remind them to be careful in not using much water because we wanted the colors to be darker and not blend into the fabric. Also we didn’t want the water seeping under the paper.

The end result was really cool. It isn’t perfect but it is really amazing. They were able to create their own t-shirts with star prints across them.

As it is, the painted stars look bland so we jazzed them up by using gel pens. We outlined the stars and filled them up in matching color to make the stars look neater. I wrote the word ‘salaam’ under them with the same gel pens. (‘Salaam’ means peace.)

You can vary this activity to use names, words or patterns too but since two of my children are very young, I wanted it to be as simple as possible.

Here is what you need for this activity and how to go about it:

Ramadan Themed Shirts Supplies

1. Tshirt in plain light colors
2. Hard cardboard as an insert
3. Card to draw shapes on
4. Scissors
5. Painters tape
6. Fabric paints
7. Paint brushes in various sizes
8. Gel pens that are suitable for fabric

WordsnNeedles Ramadan Themed Designer Shirts1

1. Prepare the shirt by inserting the hard cardboard inside it.
2. Draw shapes on the card and cut it out.

WordsnNeedles Ramadan Themed Designer Shirts3
3. Stick these pieces on the shirt using painters tape.

WordsnNeedles Ramadan Themed Designer Shirts2
4. Choose dark colors and paint around the taped shapes.
5. Once the paint is dry, use matching gel paints to fix any untidiness.
6. Use gold or silver colored gel pen to outline the shapes and write any word, name or phrase.
7. Let the shirts dry for 24 hours or follow the instructions that came with the fabric paint.
8. Your designer shirts are ready to wear!

Tip: Got dirty paint marks on the shirt? Don’t worry. Use makeup wipes to rub it off while still wet.

WordsnNeedles Ramadan Themed Designer Shirts4

I hope you enjoy this activity with your children. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan.

Thank you again to Aysh for sharing with us today. For more designer shirts, check out:

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