Recycled Khatam Paper Bags {Tutorial}

Sometimes Ramadan decorations can be found from items around your home. We made today’s Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge craft from leftovers.


As we wrap up the school year, we had some extra lunch paper bags that we turned into our decor today.  We used 8 of them to create a khatam, the Arabic word for 8 point star.


The khatam symbol is used quite a bit in Islamic architecture and tile design.  We have made a number of khatam crafts on this blog, including a Khatam Gift Tag Tutorial and Kirigami Khatam Tutorial.


My youngest worked on today’s tutorial and she would rate it as easy.


White paper bags
Hole punch
Double sided tape
Orange cardstock

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag KhatamSupplies


Cut off all the bottoms of the paper bags. We saved ours for a later project since they made cute paper boxes.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam1


Our paper bags came with top wired enclosures, so we cut those off next and started decorating. Create a design and repeat it on all the bags, all sides of the bags. My daughter took all afternoon to color hers. If you need more stars in a hurry, you can buy pre-colored bags.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam2


Place stripes of double sided tape on the sides of a bag and through the center.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam10



Add a hole in the middle of the stack.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam3



Add string loosely to the middle.   The length of the string will depend on how long you want to hang your khatam.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam4


Cut the bags into a point and then add  tape to the last bag.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam6


Open your khatam and tape the two end bags to each other. Set aside.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam8


Cut out two equal sized squares from your colored cardstock. Double tape them together, offset, to create 8 points.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam7


Double tape your khatam paper center to your khatam paper bag and hang.

ACraftyArab Hanging Paper Bag Khatam9


Check out our A Nestling Islamic 8 Point Star Mobile for other hanging decoration ideas.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.