Straw Moon and Star Toppers {Tutorial}

These felt crescent moon and star straw toppers are a great diy craft for little kids.  They can be made into different shapes and be used on pencils or suckers too.

Today’s tutorial was made by my youngest daughter and she felt (pun intended) that it was very easy.


Moon and star templates
Black bendy straws
IMAG00111 (3)

Place your templates on your felt and trace out your shapes.

IMAG00112 (3)

Cut out your shape.

IMAG00113 (3)

Fold your felt in half and cut two small slits in your shape that are parallel to each other. Slip your straw into the slits.

IMAG00117 (2)

Make more because that was so easy!

IMAG00119 (3)

If your felt crescent moon and star straw toppers get wet, just rinse under cold water.  To dry them,  press gently in a towel.

IMAG00118 (2)

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