Tunisia Bleach T-shirt Flag {Tutorial}

Tunisia is an Arab country located at the the northernmost point in Africa. We learned about it today as part of our Ramadan crafts 30 day challenge.

It is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.

Today my daughter and I spent some time learning about the only democracy in the Arab World. We looked up information about it’s capital, Tunis, and it’s 11 million people.  We decided it was time to add it our board of Arab League craft tutorials. It became a member in 1958.

We found out that at one point, Tunisia was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. The Tunisian flag acknowledges that history with a star and crescent in the middle similar to the one used in the Ottoman flag.

My teenager and I made the tutorial today. She would rate it as medium since there was a bit of Xacto precise cutting and aiming of the bleach sprayer. Tip – the bleach smelled so be sure to do the spraying outside and wear gloves in case the sprayer leaks, like ours did. And wear clothes that you don’t care about since the wind made some of the bleach land on us. Oops.

Red tshirt
Bleach in sprayer
Tunisian flag outline
Wax paper
Blue tape

ACraftyArab Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt1

Lay a piece of wax paper on the Tunisian flag printout and cut out the design, making sure to leave a couple of spots that keeps the crescent moon and star attached to the circle.

Place the cardboard, then a sheet of wax paper, inside the shirt and your design on the outside. If you don’t place the carboard and wax paper inside, your bleached design will show up on your back.

ACraftyArab Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt2

I wanted my daughter to practice spraying bleach with a spray bottle, so we used an extra bed sheet as a trial area before we sprayed on her red shirt. We decided to fold our blue tape over and use it to secure the wax paper to the tshirt because there was so much bleach that sprayed under once the wax paper started to curl.  We could have also used freezer paper.

ACraftyArab Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt3

Spray your design and let the tshirt sit outside for a few minutes. Then washed it in cold water before throwing in the dryer (by itself) for a few minutes to set.

ACraftyArab Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt4

We also discovered that we need to fold the tshirt under the flag cutout so that rest of it won’t get sprayed. We still had a bit of leakage, but my daughter said it was cool because it looked like a heart shape formed under the star negative space.

Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt

My daughter loves her new shirt and can’t wait till school to start so she can tell anyone who asks what it is.  And now she has other ideas to handcraft more shirts.

Today’s diy is Day 20 of our 30 day Ramadan Crafts challenge.  Stop by A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to see more.

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Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt close up
ACraftyArab Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt6
Tunisia Flag Bleach Tshirt




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