{2016} Crafty Ramadan 30 Day Challenge Roundup

ACraftyArab 2016 CraftyRamadan Collage

Back in July 2011 when my daughters and I began creating Ramadan crafts for 30 days, it was because there were no creative website that met our heritage and cultural needs.

As an Arab artist, I had the resources to create crafts with them in my studio, at the same time spending time with them individually talking about Islam, Ramadan and my childhood memories of family.  Our tradition has continued annually through 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

I hope you enjoyed our activities over this past month. Feel free to also check them out visually on Pinterest and presented here alphabetically –

  1. Accordion Ramadan Art
  2. Alhamdulillah Rocks
  3. Arabesque Sandpaper Shirt Tutorial
  4. Cookie Cutter {Mosque} Candles
  5. Crayon Resist Eid Banner
  6. Crescent Moon and Star Straw Toppers Tutorial
  7. Eid Beaded Safety Pin Tutorial
  8. Eid Foil Decor Tutorial
  9. Eid Green Slime Tutorial
  10. Eid Step Card Tutorial
  11. Great Mosque of Cordoba Printable
  12. Hajj Shadowbox Savings Bank Tutorial
  13. Hanging {Paper Bag} Khatam
  14. Happy Eid – Teal {Free Printables Party Pack}
  15. Happy Eid 3D Banner Tutorial
  16. Iqra Yarn Art Tutorial
  17. Laylat Al Qadr Handprint Prayer Tutorial
  18. Libyan Flag Egg Carton Tutorial
  19. Magnet Ramadan Countdown
  20. Melted Crayon Allah Art
  21. Mini Eid Book Tutorial {Bookmark Downloads}
  22. Quad-fold Eid Mubarak Card Tutorial
  23. Ramadan Kareem 2016 / 1437 { Perler Crescent Moon}
  24. Ramadan Lantern Foil Art Tutorial
  25. Ramadan Lantern Silhouette Yarn Art
  26. Ramadan Themed Designer Shirts Tutorial {Guest Post}
  27. Salam Dove Hair Clip
  28. Sudan Flag Lantern
  29. Tunisian Flag Bleach Tshirt
  30. Vote for your Happy Eid {5 Free Printables}

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