Eid Beaded Safety Pin {Tutorial}

Eid Milad Said Amreeka! (Happy Birthday America in Arabic). We are celebrating by creating an Eid* beaded safety pin brooch to wear to tonight’s fireworks show.


All three of my girls are in Girl Scouts and spent a lot of their time crafting SWAPs, “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.” These small treasured prizes are traded with other girls and are a great way to make friends.


One of the SWAPS they love making are beaded safety pin brooches. They only require two supplies and there are so many different patterns online. The variety of colors in beads in endless, so any image, as long as it can fit into a 9×11 rectangle, can be made.


My oldest teenager came up with this pattern for a brooch that has the word EID on it to celebrate 4th of July this year. She wanted to share it with other Girls Scouts, or any other kids, that wanted to make something unique for a special gift. She rated it as easy to make.


Eid* is the Arabic word for holiday or festive occasion. It can be used with Eid Al Fitr, which is the celebration that comes at the end of Ramadan, or it can be used in a birthday greeting, as in eid milad said, or happy birthday.



Seed beads in red, white and blue
11 medium safety pins
1 large safety pin with no coil
Piece of felt
ACraftyArab Eid Beaded Safety Pin

Whenever we work with beads, we always lay down a piece of felt to help keep them from not rolling. Pour some beads from each of the colors on the felt and start adding the beads in the pattern below.

ACraftyArab Eid Beaded Safety Pin2

Follow this pattern for the letters E, I and D to be spelled out in white, surrounded by blue with a red and white underline.


Once all your beads have been added to the eleven safety pins, add them all to the master safety pin with no coil.

ACraftyArab Eid Beaded Safety Pin3

Flip all the smaller safety pins to the other side so you can pin it on your outfit and go have a safe 4th.

ACraftyArab Eid Beaded Safety Pin4

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.