Libya Egg Carton Flag {Tutorial}

We eat a lot of eggs for suhoor during Ramadan and decided to use a left over egg carton to make the new Libyan flag.

Eggs are easy to make and there are so many different vegetables you can add to them to make a meal.

This means we collect a lot of egg cartons this month, so making this Libyan flag craft is perfect to use one up.

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My youngest made the craft today as part of our 30 day #CraftyRamadan challenge and she rated it as easy.


12 egg carton container
Red, black, green acrylic paint
Crescent moon and star wood pieces
Glue (not in photo)

ACraftyArab Libyan Flag Egg Carton1

First she painted  all the “valleys” on the carton the colors of the flag. She started with red at the fold of the carton, black in the middle and green at the edge where the two sides come together. This is to help her keep track of which colors go where. After her valleys were marked, she painted in between them the corresponding colors.

ACraftyArab Libyan Flag Egg Carton2

She let her paint dry and then placed a ribbon inside the carton. She closed the carton and tie the ends together so that she can hang her flag later.

ACraftyArab Libyan Flag Egg Carton3

Lastly she glued on the crescent moon and star. We have a set of these made of wood, but you can make yours out of paper.

ACraftyArab Libyan Flag Egg Carton4

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ACraftyArab Libyan Flag Egg CartonWP




I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.