Freezer Paper Camel Tutorial

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper CamelWe love using freezer paper in the studio and have made tshirts in the past. Today we made a book bag.


We decided to use a camel stencil but you can use your favorite animal or a school mascot instead.


Cotton bag
Fabric markers
Camel stencil (found online)
Cutting mat
Double sided tape
Freezer paper
ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel


Start by adding a little double sided tape to the corners of your freezer paper. You’ll want to make sure you place this on the dull side. You only need a small amount as you’ll be taking it off in a bit.

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel

Add your stencil and start cutting out the inside shape. You might want to consider cutting out smaller lines thicker, like we did here for the tail.

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel

Take the stencil paper off the freezer paper and take off any extra double sided tape on the corners. Place your freezer paper shiny side down on your bag and iron it down.

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel

Start to fill in the inside of the cut out stencil with random fabric pen markings.

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel

Use other colors or just leave your camel solid, it’s your choice!

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel

Once you feel you are done with the design, remove the freezer paper.

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel

Now your bag is ready to use for Arabic Sunday school, where ours is headed, or to gift to a friend!

ACraftyArab Freezer Paper Camel

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