Khatam Yarn and Glue Banner {Tutorial}

We have an upcoming school celebration and needed an easy banner to place over a door.  I looked around the house to find something the girls can make with things we already had at home. We hit the yarn bin to find this fun pin glittery stuff left over from a failed knitting experiment.


A few years ago, we made a moon and star yarn window art and use the same technique to make this khatam, the Arabic word for 8 point star, yarn banner.  We hope you can follow along and make your own once you see how easy it is.


Wax paper
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup water
Wide rim plastic tub
Khatam template – downloaded
Pot and Stove (for heating cornstarch and water)

ACraftyArab Khatam Yarn Art Tutorial

Start by mixing the water and cornstarch over medium heat to make it thick and translucent.  Let it cool and place it into a tub with a wide rim. Cut yarn into smaller pieces and soak them fully into the mixture.

ACraftyArab Khatam Yarn Art Tutorial

Lay a piece of wax over your khatam template and outline the design with the wet yarn.

ACraftyArab Khatam Yarn Art Tutorial

Continue to add more and more yarn, filling in as much of the negative space inside the design.

ACraftyArab Khatam Yarn Art Tutorial

Once you finish one star, move your wax paper over and create more.

ACraftyArab Khatam Yarn Art Tutorial

Let your stars dry over night and tie left over dry yarn between them.  Tie two extra pieces on the ends.

ACraftyArab Khatam Yarn Art Tutorial

Your banner is ready to hang.  If you have any extra cornstarch lumps, they should just pop right off, but we keep ours to give it that handmade look.

ACraftyArab Khatam Yarn Art Tutorial


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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.