Lebanon Flag Rice Candle {Tutorial}

We made this Lebanon flag rice candle to celebrate the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East. As of 2014: RIceRIc

I was excited to learn about about this Mediterranean oasis when I found out this upcoming weekend there will be a performance from Im Hussein & AJYAL Theatrical Group in our town.

The entire performance will be in Lebanese Arabic.  It’s a dialect that I’m familiar with since I have local Lebanese friends, however I thought I better brush up on my Lebanese culture this week.   The girls and I decided to look up information on the Lebanese flag and see what it means.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

According to Wikipedia:

Presence and position of the Cedar in the middle of the flag is directly inspired by the mountains of Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani). The Cedar is a symbol of holiness, eternity and peace. As an emblem of longevity, the cedar of Lebanon has its origin in many biblical references [and is] mentioned seventy-seven times in the Bible, especially in the book Psalms chapter 92 verse 12 where it says that “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon” and Chapter 104, verse 16, where it is stated: “[t]he trees of the Lord are well watered, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted”.

The white color on the flag represents the snow as a symbol of purity and peace.

The two red stripes refer to the Lebanese blood shed to preserve the country against the successive invaders.

We came up with this candle craft to celebrate the flag. As with all our candle crafts, never leave these unattended around children.


Wax paper
Mason jar
Red food coloring
Ziplock bag
Rubbing alcohol
Xacto / cutting mat
Lebanese cedar tree printout
Green tissue paper
Mod Podge / foam brush
(*we used brown rice for the red stripes and white rice for the middle)

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial
Place a few drops of rubbing alcohol and food coloring with a few cups of rice into a Ziploc bag.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

Seal the bag and mix everything. Once the rice is red, lay it out on the wax paper and leave to dry overnight. It sticks, so you might want to think about putting it on a tray in the garage, like we did.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

While your rice is drying, use the xacto to cut out the cedar tree center out of tissue paper.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

Use Mod Podge to add it to the mason jar. Don’t worry about the color white now, it will dry clear.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

Once the jar and rice are both dry, add one layer of red rice.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

Next add a layer of white.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

Top it off with a layer of red and the tea light candle.  Your Lebanese Flag Candle is done and ready to light. Please never leave candle unattended.

ACraftyArab Lebanese Flag Candle Tutorial

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