Arabic Initial Door Decor {Tutorial}

We made this Arabic initial rose door decor because spring is in the air now that April is here. 

Since it’s Arab American Heritage Month, my daughter and I decided to make a rose wreath for our front door celebrating the Arabic alphabet.

The Arabic word for rose is warda, وَرْد, which starts with the letter و.  We took that first letter and used a piece of chipboard, plus silk flowers, to make this simple door decor, in honor of our rose bushes that are started to wake up.

We hope you can see how easy it is to make and create your own.


Chipboard or heavy cardboard
Hot glue
Silk roses

I downloaded and printed out the letter و for my daughter and she cut it out of paper, flipped it backwards on the chipboard and traced it out with the Sharpie. The “flipping over backwards” will make sense in just a little bit.

She then cut out the letter from the cardboard.  The middle was a little hard for her and I ended up pulling out the Xacto, just FYI.

Here is her letter all cut up and flipped over the correct way.  The reason I had her trace the letter backwards is now the letter edges are clean and free of Sharpie markings.

It’s time to turn on the hot glue to place the silk roses. We laid out a few to see what our design would look like.

This part of the project was great for teamwork. I would glue the back of the roses and my daughter would decide where they went. We glued our three large roses first, then the medium sized roses.  This made tucking in the smaller flowers easier later.

When we were done, we had extra flowers left over. Now we have to think of another craft for them.

We waited a few minutes for the last few roses to dry, then flipped over the letter to add our ribbon.  We cut off a piece and used the hot glue to secure both ends.

We again waited a few minutes for the hot glue to set, then took our rose wreath to the front door for our neighbors to enjoy.

Please visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to see more fun ways to craft with the Arabic alphabet.


I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.