Ramadan Photo Booth {Tutorial}

Our local mosque is having an iftar dinner this weekend. I’m in charge of kid’s activities and thought of this Ramadan photo booth.  The parents can take photos, or I have also asked for a projector so the kids can put on a silly fashion show on the wall, for each other.


We made four props to go with the frame to start off our photo booth and I’ll be taking construction paper and extra skewers to have the kids make their own.  I was also going to raid my own kids’ toy chest for boas or hats.


This tutorial is day 4 of our 7th annual Ramadan crafts challenge. I hope that by sharing how we made it, you can try it also.



Large cardboard or foam core
Scissors  and Xacto
Spray paint
Stencil letters
Construction paper
Wood skewers

My daughter had a three panel board left over from science fair, so we cut off the two side panels and a square in the middle. We left a little more room at the bottom than the top for our words.

We decided we waned our photo frame to be silver, so we headed outside to spray paint, making sure to lay down newspaper.

Once our paint was dry, we used the stencil letters to spell out RAMADAN KAREEM, which means blessed Ramadan in Arabic.  We also added the year 2017 and a moon and star.

Once our frame was done, we cut out red construction paper for the fez hat. Using the black marker, we added a tassel and a few other lines to make it look realistic.  For the lantern, we cut out the shape, then used the Xacto to cut out three long rectangles.

We added yellow construction paper to the back and then the skewer on top.

We wanted to give the kids some ideas and cut out a heart and mustache for inspiration.

Now we are ready for our iftar dinner and some silly photo ops!


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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.