Ramadan Pull Away Calendar {Tutorial}

Our family likes to make a Ramadan calendar to help the girls grasp the concept of how many days they are required to fast.

We have made calendars that have projects for each day and calendars that have treats. We kept it simple one year with a countdown chain that was really fun to break apart.

I thought we would go back to simpler times and have a calendar that would be able to pull away to reveal the next day written in Arabic.


Foam core
Letter stickers
Hole punch
Foam brush
Mod Podge
Binder Clips
Double sided tape
Washi tape
Card stock cut into various triangles and banners
Arabic numbers from 1 to 30

I typed up the numbers in Word to continue to to teach the girls counting numbers from واحد, wahid or one in Arabic, to ثَلاثونَ or thalathun.  You can do the same, or use stickers, like we did for the year 2017 in our main photo, to keep things easy.

We then placed the ثَلاثونَ or thalathun, thirty in Arabic, at the bottom and stacked the others numbers over it, making sure the tops were even. We added binder clips on the two sides to hold the papers together.

We added three coats of Mod Podge to the edge, giving the coats enough time to dry in between. We set them aside, between coats, while we worked on the next few steps.While the numbers are being bonded to each other, we put the stickers on our larger banner to spell out RAMADAN. Before gluing anything else down, we put it on top of our foam core to play with placement.

Our smaller banners didn’t have holes for our twine, so before we added the 2017 stickers, we had to punch holes first.

Once all the stickers were on and we were happy with the final layout, we turned everything over and added doubled sided tape to the back.

We added twine to the banner at the bottom and the side banner that spelled RAMADAN.

Now that our numbers were dry and ready, we cut off a piece of washi tape that was a bit longer than our numbers and added it to the top of ثَلاثونَ or thalathun, thirty in Arabic.

We then taped our numbers pad to the top of the green banner.

Now that we are on Ramadan 2, it was time to tear away our first number واحد, wahid or one in Arabic, to show إثنان or ithnan, two in Arabic.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.