Arabic Word Bleach Shirt {Tutorial}

Day 10 of our Ramadan crafts involves making a statement shirt.


A few weeks ago, I was doing research for a post on Arabic T-shirts and came across a funny one with the English word WORD written across the front. My teen saw it and really wanted it.


According to the Urban Dictionary, Word became popular in the earlier part of the 21st century and was used to convey a casual sense of affirmation, acknowledgement, agreement, or to indicate that something has impressed you favorably.


I thought it would be fun to turn ‘word’ into ‘kalma‘ which is the Arabic word for word.  I wanted to make this for my teen as a gift for Eid, so I did the tutorial today and had my younger daughter wear it for the photo.


This tutorial does involve bleach, so please make sure to do it outside and in a well ventilated location.



Bleach in a spray bottle
Wax paper
Glue gun
Printout of your word

To make the ‘stencil’ of kalma, I printed it out in a font that was boxy so that it can be seen better.  I then placed a piece of wax paper over it and wrote it out with the glue.

I let it dry completely.

Then I flipped it over and tore off the paper. If the paper was super sticky in a spot, I just used a little water to remove it.

I placed kalma where I wanted it on the shirt, covered up the neck hole with the paper and started spaying.  NOTE – Please do the spraying outside if you can, I placed the shirt inside for the photo, but I sprayed outside on the grass.   The smell of the bleach is overwhelming and can be dangerous if your location is not well ventilated.

This is how the shirt came out. I can’t wait to wrap it up and give it to my daughter.

The great part is that unlike the stencil we made for the Tunisian flag bleach shirt, this one is reusable!


If you enjoyed making this tutorial, please visit A Crafty Arab on Pinterest to see more.



I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.