Eid Sprinkle Marshmallow Pops {Tutorial}

Day 30 of our Ramadan crafts challenge was spent making marshmallow sweets.


Trader Joe’s recently came out with a halal marshmallow and it is delicious. The problem is it is seasonal.


We have been on the lookout for them. Imagine our joy when we saw them in the store because it meant we can make sprinkle pops for Eid.


Eid Al Fitr concludes the holy month of Ramadan and is celebrated with community gatherings and family outings. We are meeting some friends at a local park and these will be perfect to share.



Melted chocolate
Candy pens
Bamboo skewers

We started by placing our chocolate in a glass bowl and then microwaving it for 30 seconds. To insure it does not burn, we then microwaved it in 10 second intervals until it was melted.

While the chocolate was melting, we placed the marshmallows on the skewers.

Once the chocolate melted, we dipped the marshmallows tips in.

We then dipped it in the sprinkles right way before the chocolate hardened.

The final step was using the candy pens. We used the green to spell out EID.

And we used the blue candy pen to make crescent moon and stars. We made extra pops without writing too.


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