Father’s Day Baba Accordion Card {Tutorial}

Ramadan Day 23 of our craft challenge was spent creating a father’s day card for the head of our family, baba, the Arabic word for father.

Baba in Arabic is بابا and my youngest was the one that made him this card yesterday to prep for Father’s Day, which is today.

We used a technician from our Ramadan Accordion Decor but instead wrote out our word this time on one piece of paper


12x 12 card stock paper
B and A printouts
Colored pencils

We started by cutting out our B and A letter print outs.

We turned our letters backwards and traced them out on the wrong side of our card stock.

I cut the word down for my daughter to make this step easier:  She stacked the letters over each other by folding them where they met.

She cut out the spaces between the letters and all the other little details.

The front of the card looks like this when it is opened up. We will fold it all up, so only the B is showing, to place inside our envelope.

But first we need to draw and sign the back of the card.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.