Felted Cookie Cutter Sheep {Tutorial}

Day 22 of our Ramadan crafts challenge has us felting sheep using cookie cutters as guides.  Since my middle child is a bit young for felting a shape on her own, I showed her how she can use this simple method.

Using the cookie cutter not only helps keep  little fingers safe, but it also helps keep the shape longer. My daughter used a sheep shape and I tried my hand at a star shape.


Felting wool
Fleeting needle
Fleeting form
Pin back
Cookie cutter

I placed the cookie cutter on the felting form and then added a little bit of felt. My daughter used the needle to bind it to each other. We keep adding more felt, making sure to place it across the last amount, making a plus sign over and over.

After the sheep was at the thickness we wanted, we turned it over and added the pin back.  I did this part for my daughter as it was a bit hard to get around the pin to keep it secure.  Originally we had pulled out some black wool to use for eyes, but after we were done, my daughter realized she liked it plain.

That was the whole tutorial, who easy was that!  Here is the star I made.

These are the two of them together.

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.