Minaret Lego Bird Feeder {Tutorial}

Day 16 of our Ramadan crafts challenge was creating a bird feeder for our backyard friends.


The supplies list consists of only one item – Legos handed down to us from visiting cousins.


I gave my youngest my iPad, open to A Crafty Arab Mosques Around the World Pinterest board and asked her to design a bird feeder. She could choose to design a mosque, or a minaret, the tower usually placed next to the mosque where the call to prayer is performed.


I gave her instructions to include open areas for the food and areas for the birds to perch.


This is what she designed.

This is one of the upper areas for the food.

Here is the other.  We also scattered some food around the bottom ground entrance.


I enjoyed watching her sketch first on paper before she even stacked her first piece of Lego. We have been talking about how artists draw out a design to give them a goal to achieve.


Once the minaret was done, she spent the rest of the afternoon watching it out the window.  We had a few backyard friends stop by for a nibble, but were not able to capture them on camera very well.


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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.