Ramadan Moon Sequin Art {Tutorial}

Day 6 of our Ramadan crafts challenge has us decorating our front door with sequin decor, outlined in a moon and star.


It was so simple to make, but took awhile for my daughter to put all those sequin on the disc, so this is a great craft for wasting an afternoon. And in the end you get a beautiful piece of art for your front door.



Styrofoam disc
Wire pin
Scissors (optional)

Start by outline the shape you want to make. We drew a crescent moon with a star inside.

Place a sequin on a pin and punch it into the Styrofoam.  Keep going with the same color in the moon shape.  We choose silver for our moon but you can make your moon any color you’d like.

For our star shape, we used the flower sequin, but cut off two of the petals so the point is easy to see. You can also use smaller sequin beads to make them fit.

We added more flower and round sequin inside the star, then surrounded it with yellow sequin.

Since our Styrofoam is so easy to hang on it’s own, you won’t need a fastener for the back. We simply added our moon to the hook we have in our door.

Now our crescent moon and star is hanging on our door and ready to welcome the month of Ramadan.


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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.