Salt Dough Ramadan Gift Tag {Tutorial}

Day 13 of our Ramadan crafts has us once again playing with salt dough we had left over from yesterday’s banner.

You’ll do the first set of steps since they are the same, it’s only when we took the left over clay and rolled it again do the steps change.


Same as yesterday, except we used a different color paint and a heart cookie cutter.

Once you mix the ingredients and roll our your dough, use the heart cookie cutter to cut out some shapes.

We used our stamp from our flag of Mauritania tutorial in the middle of the heart.

We set the hearts on parchment paper and used a straw to cut out a small circle in the top for the ribbon.

After a few hours, our heart gift tag was dry and ready to paint.

We placed the heart on the parchment paper and set it back outside to dry once again.  Then we added a ribbon to the top.

My daughter wrote on the back of the tag with a Sharpie.

Now our tag is ready to go on the outside of her grandmother’s Eid gift. Taita is the Arabic word for grandmother.  If you enjoyed this tutorial, please visit these gift tag crafts

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