Kaaba Origami Bookmark {Tutorial}

We made this Kaaba origami bookmark as the Holy Kaaba, enclosed in one of the most sacred mosques in the world, has been on our mind lately because we have a family friend who is performing her hajj right now*. Hajj is the pilgrimage that every Muslim is required to make once in their lifetime to the Kaab’a.

Once she returns from hajj, we will add a Hajjah to the front of her name, similar to someone getting married and going from Miss to Mrs, in European culture. (A man would have Hajj added to his name also)

This is a sign of respect and is only earned by someone who has made the voyage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to perform the tawaf.  This is one of the rituals of the hajj, walking around the Kaab’a seven times, in a counterclockwise direction.

Since we are pretty sure the Kaab’a gum wrapper we had made her has long been recycled, we thought we would give her a daily reminder of her voyage. We made this Kaab’a bookmark she can add to her Quran, the Muslim holy book.


Double sided tape
Origami paper in black and yellow

We started by folding our black origami paper into a triangle.

Then we placed the lower left point on top of the top point and made a fold.

We did the same on the other side.

We then unfolded the two points and took only one of the top points and folded it straight down.

The final step in the bookmark fold is to tuck the left and right points that we had folded earlier into the new fold we had just created.

We set aside our bookmark and cut off a strip from the yellow origami paper.

We placed double sided tape on the back of the yellow origami paper and added it to the front of our bookmark.

Place it one third of the way down on the Kaab’a to slightly represent the gold-embroidered Quranic text that is on the kiswah, the embroidered black velvet covering. Turn your bookmark over and cut off any access yellow paper.

Now your bookmark is done and this is what the front will look like once the yellow is trimmed.

The bookmark tucks into the corner of any page, or it can accommodate several pages together if she’d like to save an entire sura, the Arabic word for a chapter in the Quran.

Plus I have to say I love the bonus that the bookmark is away from the book spine, not causing any added strain to her Quran.

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*(May Allah accept her pilgrimage and forgive her sins).




I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.