Arabic Initial Lunchbox {Tutorial}

While making this Arabic marbled lunchbox with my daughters initial, I have to warn you, this Martha Stewart marbling medium tutorial can yield addicting results.

I had received the product in my role as a Plaid Ambassador. My daughter used it to personalize her lunchbox with the Arabic letter Ta. But within minutes, she had added a fourth color (pink) and also done her composition book. Meanwhile, her sister joined in to marble her camera box lid.

The best part? We have so much product left over, so we can’t wait to try it on other things on our next crafting adventure.


Blue tape
Plastic spoon
Bamboo stick or toothpick
Paint cups (we recycled yogurt containers)
Lunchbox (ours was made from papier-mâché)
Acrylic paint
Marbling medium

We used the blue tape to outline ‘Ta‘ which is the third letter of the Arabic alphabet.  I wrote it out with a pen and then my daughter used the Xacto to cut it out. I also helped her outline the edges of the lunchbox so that the paint doesn’t slip over.

To get the paint ready, we poured a little at the bottom of our containers and added twice as much of the marbling medium.  We used the spoons to make the mixture into a creamy consistency.

Using the plastic spoons, we poured the paint generously over the lunchbox.

Now the fun begins, we started by holding the lunchbox this way and that to make the paint start rolling. This was so crazy to watch!

To help make even more design, my daughter used the bamboo stick to create waves.  She also used the stick to help “push” the paint into the corners.

We set the lunchbox in the sunshine for a few hours. We had a hot day where we live, so I’d suggest you wait a full day before you go to the next step.  Once the paint fully dried, my daughter used the xacto to re-cut the letter out of the paint.

She also used the Xacto to cut the tape outline around the edge of the lunchbox.

Her lunchbox is done and ready for school. She loves that the letter Ta looks like a smiley face too!

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.