Arabic Stamped Thank You Card {Tutorial}

My daughter needed some thank you cards for her teachers recently and we looked around the house for supplies on hand.

She found some foam squares in her shape bin and I asked if we can cut them up for stamps.  We had used foam before to make Ramadan decor and sun printed numbers but she was curious to see how we can make a stamp from it.

We gathered a few other things and go to work making some shukran cards. Shukran is the Arabic word for thank you. The words should be across as one, but the letters we made were too big, so we put four letters on one line and three under with a washi tape accent.


Foam squares
Card and envelope
Popsicle sticks (2)
Washi tape

I wrote out the letters for SHUKRAN on each piece of foam for my daughter in the Sharpie. She used the scissors and xacto to cut them out. I made them larger so it was easy for her to cut, but this did not allow the word to go together on one line. Keep this in mind if you use another word. Or you can also buy foam letters precut!

Once the letters were finished, she lined them up and added the glue and stick.

She cut off a piece of washi tape and centered it at the bottom of the card.

She inked up the letters, making sure to press the corners of the letters in the ink.

She placed the upper letters on the card to help with centering the lower letters.

She did the word in one color, but she was also thinking of making each letter a different color with some stripped ink we have.

Now we just need to make a dozen more (we also like to thank our school support staff: custodians, teacher assistants, playground monitors, librarian, office managers, cafeteria cooks and our first kindergarten teacher who started our love of learning).

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.