Ikea Frame Makeover {Tutorial}

We love using the red Ikea frames but wanted to dress them up a little.


Imagine how excited we were to get samples of the new Plaid Mod Melts. Here was the perfect to solution to upscale our frames, with very little money and endless possibilities.


I received the kit as my role as a Plaid Ambassador, which included the new high intensity glue gun. I would recommend you really watch this gun around small children. It gets hot very fast, much hotter then a normal glue gun. The new wider safety grips are excellent for little hands but turn off the gun every once in awhile to cool it down.


We used the mod melts that came work with the gun. There are a variety of colors to pick from, including glitter. We can’t wait to use that on a future project. Maybe even another frame, without the paint!


Ikea frame
Glue gun
Melt molds- gems and flowers
Gold paint
Mod melts

We were sent different molds to try and my daughter picked out two that she felt were best, the pearl ribbon and the rose with leaves. She picked the red mod melt to match the frame.

The great things about the molds is that they took a very short time to set, about 10 minutes. So while the pearls were getting harder, she worked on the roses and leaves.

Measure and play around with placement before making everything permanent. Once my daughter had everything on, she did have to make a few more single pearls for the corners.

When she had enough pearls to go around the inside of the frame, plus roses for each corner, she placed a little mod melt on the frame to hold them in place.

She let the frame set for a few hours and then painted it gold.

She added another coat once that one had dried. Here is the final product.

If you are picky, you can go in and add more gold to the spots of red, but I told my daughter I liked hers like that, it still hinted at it’s original color and gives it an antiqued look.


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