Khatam Clay Coaster {Tutorial}

This DIY coaster tutorial is so easy and fun, my daughter has already asked to make more for teacher appreciation day.


We had air dry clay left over from the ladybugs we made last week and wanted to use it up before it hardened.


I had received this beautiful Barcelona stencil design from Plaid as a Plaid Ambassador and noticed the smaller sizes were perfect square size. Since a khatam, the Arabic word for 8 point star, is a simply two squares offset, we used the stencil to make coasters.



Air dry clay
Clay roller and knife
Square card stock
Mod Podge
Foam brush

We started by cutting off a section of the clay with our knife.

We spent about 5 minutes conditioning the clay. Twisting and turning it to make it soft and workable.

When it was ready, we rolled it out to about a quarter inch thickness.

We added the square card stock and marked where the corners were in one direction. Then we picked up the square, offset it and marked it again.

Once we had a general idea of where all the points are, we used the paper to guide the xacto cut into the clay.

The coaster is now ready to be set aside to dry for two days. We placed it on parchment paper and flipped it every 12 hours or so to avoid buldging. You can also use foil or a plate. We made four coasters total using the steps above.

Once all four were done, we used the stencil to add bright colors.

We waited a few hours for the paint to soak in and dry. Then we coated both sides (and edges!) with Mod Podge, which acts as a sealant to protect your clay. We did 3 coats total.

Here are all  four together. They are now in our living room, waiting for their first glass!

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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.