Stamped Mosaic Shoes {Tutorial}

My daughter was excited to receive a new pair of shoes recently and wanted to mosaic stamp them.  She had been pining for these purple Converse shoes for some time and once she got them, she wanted to personalize them right away.

As a Plaid Ambassador, I am able to try new products from Plaid.  They came out with a line of fabric stamps that bring to mind the old hand carved wood block stamps from India. I received this Baroque stamp with eight points on it. In Arabic an eight point star is called a khatam, and this khatam was quite beautiful with floral designs intertwined inside.

My daughter decided to use it as a mosaic tile pattern on her new shoes.  Check out how she did it.


Canvas shoes
Wood block stamp
Fabric paint
Blue tape

To get her shoes ready to stamp, my daughter first took off the laces and placed tape around the white areas.

Starting with the lighter color, she stamped the shoe, measuring a space between for the next color.

Once the green was done, the stamp was very easy to clean. We let it dry for a few hours. Then my daughter used the purple paint.

My daughter was able to wipe off the fabric paint on the metal grommets with a wet paper towel. She then set the shoes aside to fully dry overnight.

Here they are, dry and ready to show off at school.

She is in love with them and already talking about doing the same design on her jacket to match.

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Ikea Frame Makeover {Tutorial}

We love using the red Ikea frames but wanted to dress them up a little.


Imagine how excited we were to get samples of the new Plaid Mod Melts. Here was the perfect to solution to upscale our frames, with very little money and endless possibilities.


I received the kit as my role as a Plaid Ambassador, which included the new high intensity glue gun. I would recommend you really watch this gun around small children. It gets hot very fast, much hotter then a normal glue gun. The new wider safety grips are excellent for little hands but turn off the gun every once in awhile to cool it down.


We used the mod melts that came work with the gun. There are a variety of colors to pick from, including glitter. We can’t wait to use that on a future project. Maybe even another frame, without the paint!


Ikea frame
Glue gun
Melt molds- gems and flowers
Gold paint
Mod melts

We were sent different molds to try and my daughter picked out two that she felt were best, the pearl ribbon and the rose with leaves. She picked the red mod melt to match the frame.

The great things about the molds is that they took a very short time to set, about 10 minutes. So while the pearls were getting harder, she worked on the roses and leaves.

Measure and play around with placement before making everything permanent. Once my daughter had everything on, she did have to make a few more single pearls for the corners.

When she had enough pearls to go around the inside of the frame, plus roses for each corner, she placed a little mod melt on the frame to hold them in place.

She let the frame set for a few hours and then painted it gold.

She added another coat once that one had dried. Here is the final product.

If you are picky, you can go in and add more gold to the spots of red, but I told my daughter I liked hers like that, it still hinted at it’s original color and gives it an antiqued look.


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Palestine Landscape Notebook {Tutorial}

This Palestine landscape notebook is a craft born out of necessity.  Now that my daughters are back to school, we have a lot of composition notebooks and it has become harder to tell them all apart. Especially at 6am.


This summer, I purchased a bottle of olive oil from Canaan oil and fell in love with the painting by Palestinian artist Ibrahim Salaby. It features a landscape of crosses and moons, symbolizing his country’s ties to Christianity and Islam.

My daughter used the bottle as inspiration to decorate one of her books.   She painted with a silver pen to keep it simple, but you can use any colors you’d like.



Composition notebook
Duct tape (any solid color)

We started by applying strips of duct tape to the notebook. We lined it up with the existing black edge.

We made sure to leave a little overhang when we cut the tape.

Once we had the tape across the front, we opened the inside and folded over the corner.  Once we had our little triangle, it was easier to fold over the sides.

We used the ridges made by the tape, where it overlapped, to make our lines straight on the notebook.

We drew half circles and triangles on top of our rectangles. Then added crescent moons and crosses on the minarets and chapels of our newly created mosques and churches.

To compliment our night sky, we added stars. Some were close but some were far away.

The final step was adding a few windows. Not too many, our inspiration piece was beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Now my daughter had to set this book aside to fully dry for 24 hours. (Tip – Keep this in mind if you need your notebook for school and do this craft on a weekend.)


She quickly started on a new blank composition book. This time, using red, yellow and blue Sharpies and a photo of Morocco we have on the refrigerator. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


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