Palestine Landscape Notebook {Tutorial}

This Palestine landscape notebook is a craft born out of necessity.  Now that my daughters are back to school, we have a lot of composition notebooks and it has become harder to tell them all apart. Especially at 6am.


This summer, I purchased a bottle of olive oil from Canaan oil and fell in love with the painting by Palestinian artist Ibrahim Salaby. It features a landscape of crosses and moons, symbolizing his country’s ties to Christianity and Islam.

My daughter used the bottle as inspiration to decorate one of her books.   She painted with a silver pen to keep it simple, but you can use any colors you’d like.



Composition notebook
Duct tape (any solid color)

We started by applying strips of duct tape to the notebook. We lined it up with the existing black edge.

We made sure to leave a little overhang when we cut the tape.

Once we had the tape across the front, we opened the inside and folded over the corner.  Once we had our little triangle, it was easier to fold over the sides.

We used the ridges made by the tape, where it overlapped, to make our lines straight on the notebook.

We drew half circles and triangles on top of our rectangles. Then added crescent moons and crosses on the minarets and chapels of our newly created mosques and churches.

To compliment our night sky, we added stars. Some were close but some were far away.

The final step was adding a few windows. Not too many, our inspiration piece was beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Now my daughter had to set this book aside to fully dry for 24 hours. (Tip – Keep this in mind if you need your notebook for school and do this craft on a weekend.)


She quickly started on a new blank composition book. This time, using red, yellow and blue Sharpies and a photo of Morocco we have on the refrigerator. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


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I am a Libyan American who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab and Islamic culture.